Plain language communications: woman reads medicines information in a pharmacy
Plain language does not patronise readers. It makes complex and unfamiliar information easier to understand.

Please Read Carefully TM

Your plain language writing service

Welcome! Jane Lamprill is a lay language writer and editor. Jane turns complex text into easy language for your adult or child readers. Her writing services cover six sectors, including business, governance, health and  pharmaceuticals.

Did you know that clear, concise information makes life easier for everyone? It saves you time and money, and can also save lives.

How can we help you?

Jane has helped organisations with lay language writing services since 2003. Clients say these are of high quality and good value. Jane also cares deeply about good business ethics and complies with a code of conduct.

Please scroll down to find the services you need. Do get in touch if you’d like to. Commercial confidentiality is of course, sacrosanct.

Paediatric Research Communications

Please Read Carefully: doctor reads assent information to little girl

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Please Read Carefully: Research nurse discusses informed consent documents with patients.

Business & governance

Please Read Carefully: Two businessmen discuss plain language business reports

Health & social care

Please Read Carefully: Nurse and elderly lady read healthcare information together

Science & grant applications

Please Read Carefully: Female scientists research Covid-19 vaccine

Public Health information

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