Please Read Carefully: Female scientists research Covid-19 vaccine
Reviewers need grant applications to be clear, concise and easy to read.

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Please Read CarefullyTM is a UK-based writing service founded in 2016. Owner Jane Lamprill is a lay language health writer and an expert member of a grant review panel. She also helps grant applicants improve the written quality of their proposals.

Jane has collaborated with scientists for many years, and turned complex information into easier language for their readers:

How clear, concise writing improves grant applications

Scientists are great at writing science, but may struggle to communicate in ‘every day’ language. This is critically important, as lay members on grant panels and ethics committees, may struggle to understand complex proposals.

Grant applications are fiercely competitive. Some sticky traps’ to avoid are

How years of grant experience can help you

Jane can make your life easier and save you time and money by making your grant application text ‘reviewer-friendly’. Jane  has worked on ‘both sides of the fence’, and understands the needs of applicant and assessor.

Grant Application Assessor Jane has been an ad hoc member of the European Commission’s expert review panel since 2009.  She has assessed proposals from a wide range of scientific disciplines for the FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes (now Horizon Europe).

Grant application success  Jane helped two biotech companies apply for EU funding to support innovative paediatric drug development. Jane wrote the detailed ethics sections in clear language. Both proposals were successful, and raised €6m each. There was no conflict of interest.

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We help improve the written quality of grant applications. We cannot guarantee funding and services must comply with the following. Thank you!

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