Please Read Carefully: Female scientists research Covid-19 vaccine
Researchers have a better chance of success, if their grant applications are well written and easy to read.

Help with Grant Applications

Please Read CarefullyTM was founded in 2016 as a UK-based, plain language writing service. Owner Jane Lamprill is a specialist health writer and gained the Plain Engllish Diploma in 2020.

She is not a scientist, but can edit your expert text into reviewer-friendly information. Services are flexible and costs reasonable, but do allow plenty of time before your deadline.

Good quality science needs good quality writing

Despite brilliant scientific endeavours, grant applications may fail if they are badly written and difficult to read. If applicants avoid the following examples, their proposals will be much easier to write, read and review:

How Jane's grant sector experience might help you *

Jane has worked on both ‘sides of the fence’, and appreciates the needs of applicant and assessor.

Grant panel expert: Jane has been a member of the European Commission’s review panels, since 2009. She enjoys learning from and working with colleagues, from all over Europe and beyond. Jane has assessed grant proposals from a wide range of scientific disciplines. Her experience includes the FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes.

Current funding opportunities are available at Horizon Europe.

Grant application success: Jane wrote clear, concise information for the paediatric ethics sections of two grant proposals. This helped her Swiss and French biotech clients to be successful, and raised a combined total of €12m.

Easy language science information: Jane has written clear information for research participants since 2002. This includes the informed consent/assent documents for parents and children, who took part in medicines’ research with the above consortia.

Please read very carefully *

We do our best to improve the written quality of grant applications, which may increase the chances of success. However, we cannot guarantee funding and services are strictly subject to:

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