Lay language communications: business team celebrate a successful deal.
Plain language information is good for transparency and building trust.
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Clear information helps build good business relationships.

Business and governance

Welcome! Please Read CarefullyTM is a Plain English writing service founded by Jane Lamprill in 2016. Jane is a specialist writer who loves to help companies communicate clearly with their readers. She

How can lay language help your business?

Plain English does not patronise anyone, but makes unfamiliar information easier to understand. It can help

Your workforce who might not have English as their first language: e.g. logistics, councils, construction, apprenticeships etc.

Your committees & sales teams who need clear concise policies, and reports that are easy to navigate.

Your public who might need e.g stress-free probate forms, key-fact documents or clear instructions.

And you save time and money because:

How can we make your life easier?

Please feel free to contact us if you need help with

Jane's governance experience EU and UK

Grant review expert: For the European Commission’s Horizon Europe research funding programme. (Ad hoc since 2009).

Lay Committee Member: For a UK financial regulator. Helped to maintain high standards in the financial audit sector. (June 2016 – June 2022).

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